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Our Services

Live Entertainment

Are you a talented and passionate performer looking to put together a great show? Do you yearn to provide an immersive, unforgettable audiovisual experience?

With years of professional experience with some of the biggest names in the industry, our technical team is prepared to take your live streams, music videos, and live shows to a whole new level.


Art Gallery

Serving high-quality, locally grown coffee, locally sourced pastries, and freshly made sandwiches and croissants served by our partners at La Barra del Remance, Colectivo Hueco is the ideal setting to appreciate the work of local artists tastefully displayed in an intimate.


Creative Space

Think of all the great ideas that have stalled because you didn’t have the materials, the tools or the help to make them happen.

Now imagine you had access to an affordable workspace packed full of contractor-grade tools and highly skilled craftsmen to help you use them.

What would you make first? Let us help you find out.

Our Mission

A space dedicated to providing artists of all kinds with the space, tools and networking needed to create and execute professional-quality productions and market them to a larger audience.

Imagine a place where artists, performers and makers come together to collaborate and redefine their art.

A place with a community workshop equipped with anything an artist could need and skilled carpenters to help make the most complex projects accessible.

A place with a fully equipped stage and the best technical team in the city, intimate audience space, food and beverage service, and an absolute dedication to maintaining safety and hygiene for performers and audience members.

A place with good coffee and live music, a place to watch movies and sing karaoke and learn new skills. A place for artists and art lovers to come together.

Welcome to Colectivo Hueco.

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146 Silvestre Revueltas,
Colonia Benito Juárez
Puerto Vallarta, Jal. México 48389



+52 (322) 303-5832